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623 W. First Street

$ 2,400 Per Month
33 1,430 ft2
Managed by Utopia Management

1996 East Cienega Blvd Unit C

$ 1,900 Per Month
21.5 1,051 ft2
Managed by David

1016 W. Ralston St

$ 1,395 Per Month
11 903 ft2
Managed by Sarah
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Phillips Ranch sits nestled in Pomona Valley, with gorgeous mountainous landscapes all around. The original 10,000 housing units, established in 1964, has steadily expanded to support its current population of more than 70,000 people. With ample freeway access, residents remain in close range of multiple job opportunities, shopping centers, and community hubs. Along with several high-ranking public school options, this area features two upper education entities, California State Polytechnic University and Mt. San Antonio College.

Since median home prices in this region remains firmly around $500,000, you may want to maximize the success of your Phillip Ranch rental properties by working with a management company.  Here at Utopia Property Management, we use our expertise to assist in finding tenants, maintaining your properties and providing other important management services. A sampling of our real estate services includes:

Advertising Your Rental

In order to seek the highest caliber tenants, we support our traditional, local marketing efforts with modern digital advertisements to reach as many prospective renters as possible. In the digital realm, we always use premier websites, which net the greatest return per posted advertisement. Our team members always strive to source a reliable tenant and finish all contract signing activities within 30 days.

Tenant Acquisition

Acquiring a suitable tenant for each of your rental units is not as simple as just finding interested parties. We run extensive screenings to verify each potential tenant’s income, rental history, and criminal background information. We also ensure that all of our tenants provide accurate proof of personal identification to prevent common fraud attempts.

Management Services

Our management team happily extends their knowledge to you in the form of consultation appointments. The consults cover everything you need to know to manage your investment properties without a hitch. You will learn how to stage and show your rentals to quickly acquire renters and reduce turnaround times between lease periods.

Unit Upkeep

Rental units require regular maintenance and repair services in order to remain in great condition over the years. We manage the entire rental unit upkeep process, from sending out contractors to authorizing suggested repair tasks. We even maintain our own team of licensed contractors (Lic. #792427) for small tasks and work with approved 3rd party vendors for extensive repairs. You can rest assured that our team will handle any emergency and/or routine service calls for each of your managed properties.


Our accounting experts utilize information from your investment portfolio to generate informative financial reports for your properties. The reports break down all of your recent property expenses and the resulting profits for your entire roster. We provide access to these reports through our secure Utopia web portal. You can use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to access your portal from anywhere, anytime.

Utopia Property Management encourages you to contact us today to utilize our services for your current investment properties throughout the 91766 area.  We use our understanding of market trends and extensive real estate experience in Southern California to maximize your financial performance in this realm. Give us a call to receive professional assistance from our team.

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