Utopia is a full service Mortgage and Real Estate Company

Utopia can service all of your California Real Estate needs. In addition to being one of the larger companies, we are also one of the most professional California Real Estate Companies. Real Estate in California is different from other places, so having specific market knowledge is key. If you are interested in contacting a California Real Estate Agent to look for a California home for sale, please consider using a Utopia Mortgage and Real Estate agent. If you are interested in getting a California Mortgage, we can also help you get some of the best loans around. We are extremely concerned with satisfying our client’s needs in all aspects of the Real Estate market. We understand that choosing the right professional will make all the difference in your real estate transaction experience.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose Utopia’s California Real Estate services because we will get the job done. California Real Estate is special and needs an experienced hand. Contact a California Real Estate Agent and you will find them to be extremely effective and most of our clients would recommend our agents to others that are interested in a California home for sale. Our experience with helping buyers and sellers will usually result in a better outcome for our clients. Some examples of this are better purchase prices, lower time on the market and over all greater satisfaction of buyer and seller. We can also help to obtain a great California Mortgage for many of our clients. We love to work with first time buyers as well. We have many great programs to choose from and hope to make the dream of buying your first home a reality.

Our Services

We help sell California Real Estate. We can work with you to get you a California mortgage. A California Real Estate Agent can shop for a California home for sale with you. Our sales staff is extremely professional and will preview houses prior to wasting hours on homes that will not meet our client requirements. We can set up our clients to receive emails when a new listing comes on the market, so that they can advise us if they are interested in viewing the home or not. When selling property, it is very important to price it correctly. To help our clients with their homes value, our agents provide a comparative market analysis, which compares currently sold property and property currently on the market. Our agents will evaluate your home and compare the other homes to determine a price that will sell your property within an acceptable time frame.

Listing Agreements

Our company requires homeowners to sign a listing agreement prior to selling any California Real Estate. This document is the understanding between our California Real Estate agent and you. The listing agreement helps to ensure that all parties are in agreement as to what will be done to achieve the sellers desired sales price. You also want to make sure that you shop for a California mortgage with your Utopia agent. When our agent helps you with both purchase and loan it make the process much easier on you the client. You will only have to work with one person rather than two. These are the initial documents required to help you with California Real Estate.