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471 S. Calle El Segundo, #C21

$ 850 Per Month
11 568 ft2
Managed by Andrew

400 N. Sunrise Way, #251

$ 900 Per Month
11 850 ft2
Managed by Andrew

1050 E. Ramon Road, #95

$ 1,350 Per Month
32 1,307 ft2
Managed by Andrew
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As a Palm Springs property management company, Utopia Management aims to provide the most efficient and professional property management service possible – always working towards the highest possible returns for the owners while at the same time ensuring that the managed property is maintained properly. A licensed local representative will be managing your property from Palm Springs.

Utopia Management offers extensive years of combined experience in all types of property management, property maintenance, accounting and customer service. We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients and tenants with the best possible customer service experience. Utopia Management understands that as an owner each client has unique financial objectives, as well as performance expectations of its service providers.

As investors and owners of income producing property, you understand the effect that maintenance and repairs have on the annual return on investment. We outsource many of the routine maintenance duties to our preferred list of vendors and service providers – many of whom we have utilized for more than fifteen years. These long-term relationships and resulting high volume purchasing power enables Utopia Management to secure better than market pricing for most repair and maintenance requests. In addition, Utopia Management maintains its own general contractor’s license and performs work through our own maintenance team when it is more cost efficient.

Utopia Management has comprehensive knowledge and expertise of state laws, city ordinances, trends and current market conditions. Your property receives diligent attention from highly qualified accounting and management professionals.

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Apartment Management Services

Leading property management company is just a phone call away.

Extensive experience in managing multi-family properties across a wide spectrum

  • Source and select tenants
  • Bill and collect tenant rent
  • Negotiate lease renewal
  • Arrange for payment of all operating expenses after obtaining owner’s approval for amounts over predetermined limits.
  • Negotiate lease agreements to obtain the best possible prices for the owner
  • Communicate with tenants in a professional, courteous manner
  • Arrange property insurance
  • Coordinate and supervise service contracts and trades work at the property.
  • Attend to emergency issues
  • Oversee owner approved renovations and upgrades to the property.
  • Report on and review with owner any necessary capital repairs
  • Provide detailed monthly accounting statements to the owner
  • Show properties to prospective tenants
  • Continuously market and promote the property
  • Perform background, credit, and rental history check for prospective tenants and discuss with owner for final approval
  • Provide a market analysis of properties for owners
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