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Lathrop Brand New 4 Bedroom Home

$ 1,795 per month
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Beautiful 4 pl XL 1 BDR Renovated (Near Dame...

$ 1,195 per month
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Home is Where the Heart is. $$$ OFF MOVE IN!

$ 1,500 per month
For More Information Call: (209) 952-5577
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For those who are living in the Armstrong area, there are many people who are interested in living in this area who want to rent rather than buy. Many people who live here are seeing this as a great investment opportunity. After all, these days more people are renting rather than buying, as this is making more economical sense to them. However, how do you go about getting your home turned into one that is going to produce rental income? It can be a long process and one that takes a lot of time for those who are unaware of what goes into this. But, we can help.

How We Can Help

We are a property management firm that specializes in the Armstrong area, along with surrounding areas. We step in and handle the property for you so that you can rest and simply get the rental income coming your way. We treat every rental home as if this was our own home, so that you know your home is always in good hands.

How do we go about taking care of your rental home? We offer a full list of services that handle every situation that may arise. For starters, we handle the advertising of your home so that you do not have to worry about this. We the help to find the perfect tenant, looking at past rental histories as well as background checks to get the perfect tenant. From there, we handle the day to day running of an Armstrong rental home.

Whether the property needs the grass mowed or a repair made, we handle this. We also handle collecting the rent each month so that you do not need to have contact with the tenant or be personally involved in any way. We make the idea of having a rental property one that is not full of stress!


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