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3 Azalea Place

$ 4,225 Per Month
32.5 2,110 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)

7391 Sir Francis Drake Blvd

$ 3,300 per month
For More Information Call: 415-457-1821

555 Headlands Court

$ 3,895 Per Month
11 825 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)
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Fairfax is a great community and one in which everyone feels as though they belong. It is this sense of belonging that makes many people decide to move into this area. For those who own homes here, they will find that there is a great investment opportunity if they rent these homes to those who are interested in moving into the area. However, you do not have to do this on your own!

We Can Help

We are a full-service property management firm that deals with the Fairfax area. We know what people are looking for in a rental and we provide the time and dedication to make a rental home work for both the tenant and the landlord. When we are approached by a homeowner who wants to turn their home into a rental opportunity, we first advertise this to the market via traditional and online means. From there, we utilize tenant screening services to find the best tenant for your property.

Once you have a tenant, we then handle the rest of the landlord process. This may include repairing anything that needs to be repaired, maintenance issues from time to time, and even handling the accounting side of a rental. With the number of services that we offer, those who have property that they want to rent have to do nothing at all, we handle it all!

Why Choose Us?

Why are we the people to choose when you have a rental in the Fairfax area? We treat your property as if it is our own. We understand how stressful being a landlord can be, but also how hesitant you may be to hand this over to someone else to manage. However, when we have your property in our hands, you know that we are treating this with kindness, respect and watching out for your best interests.

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