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Located adjacent to the Bay Area and positioned to allow easy access to all of Northern California’s most iconic destinations, Barrow Park offers a terrific quality of life and a wide array of residences on the rental market. Great local schools, a booming tech market that equates to prolific job opportunities and high wages, and a sunny Mediterranean climate that supports year-round fun – Barrow Park is a unique enclave that many residents are happy to call home.


If you own rental properties in and around Barrow Park, contact Utopia Management today. We’ll show you how we can quickly and easily maximize revenues and minimize expenses throughout your entire portfolio of rental properties, with services that include:


Rental marketing: By blending a proven mix of traditional and online marketing activities, we’ll drive serious traffic to your rental in no time. Our mission is simple – to find the ideal renter and have a contract in place within 30 days.


Tenant screening: Finding that ideal tenant is made possible thanks to our extensive serious of verifications and checks – including credit, income, employment, rental history and more. These thorough examinations of any potential renter help minimize the chance of evictions or late payments.


Multiple management plans: Whether you’re looking for total management support from Utopia or a basic consultative relationship, we’ve got you covered. Our local property managers are never more than an email or phone call away!


Maintenance support: From fixing a leaky faucet to overseeing major renovations, our skilled team of contractors can take care of virtually all repair or maintenance concerns at your rental properties. We operate under our own California general contractor’s license to ensure quality work at affordable prices.


Financial reporting: Keep a close watch on the income and expense trends for your rental properties by accessing the monthly reports prepared by our skilled team of accountants. You can review these quickly and easily via the Utopia Web Portal.


Barrow Park investment property owners now have a powerful advocate in their corner – contact Utopia Management today to see why we’ve become the largest property management company in California over the past twenty years!

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