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Baldwin Park

3438 Maine Avenue

$ 3,790 Per Month
53 2,400 ft2
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(DRE 01383297)
Baldwin Park

3438 Maine Avenue -1

$ 2,450 Per Month
32 1,810 ft2
Shown by Sarah
(DRE 01383297)
Baldwin Park

3438 Maine Avenue -2

$ 1,295 Per Month
1 400 ft2
Shown by Sarah
(DRE 01383297)
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El Monte is located at the end of the Santa Fe Trail and gained its fame in the late 1700s and early 1800s as a place of rest for weary soldiers and missionaries. The fertile land El Monte stands on was always home to willows, alders, grapevines and walnut groves, nestled between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers. Residents today still boast to the ability to grow almost anything you can imagine. Today, El Monte is home to a large Latino population and about 57% of its residents live in rental properties, providing ample opportunity for those looking to invest in the real estate market. If you own or are planning to purchase property in El Monte and require assistance managing your property, contact Utopia Property Management to learn more about the services we have to offer.

Our property management services will allow you to expand your margins by maximizing revenues – all while finding innovative and unique ways to limit your expenses. Our property managers have twenty years of experience in the local market and each of our strategies is acclimated to the area and your goals. Our services include:

Targeted Marketing Plan: We understand your target market and have access to the technology needed to reach them in the most efficient manner. We can stretch your dollar by listing your property on relevant websites in conjunction with local ad buys and marketing events that will attract the ideal tenants.

Property Maintenance and Repair: Not only will maintaining your El Monte property help retain your current tenants, but it will also make your property more inviting to potential renters. Our team is fully licensed (Lic. # 792427) and able to perform all needed repairs at a fraction of the cost of hiring work elsewhere.

Screening of Potential Tenants: One of the greatest hassles that any property owner must endure is unruly tenants who cannot make their payments on time. We will weed out those potential problem tenants for you by screening each tenant to verify employment, income, and creditworthiness. Finally, we run background checks just to make sure that your potential tenant possesses upstanding character traits.

Accounting and Recordkeeping: We know that it can be a hassle to manage your books, especially when you have so many other things that can occupy your time. Our accounting team will monitor how well your El Monte property is performing and will send you regular reports through our web portal to keep you apprised of all of the information you need – including your revenue, expenses, and net operating income.

Consulting Services: Our consulting specialists can assist you with making decisions and can answer any questions that you may have about how to make sure that your property is run effectively.

Contact us now for more information and to learn how Utopia Property Management can improve the efficiency of your El Monte property and help you to get the most out of your investment.

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