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Iron Triangle

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San Pablo

160 San Luis Obispo Street

$ 3,000 per month
33 1,541 ft2
For More Information Call: (510) 734-6093

2417 6th Street APT 8

$ 2,185 per month
21 750 ft2
For More Information Call: (510) 865-8700

68 Edwards Ave.

$ 3,450 Per Month
21 900 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)
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A perfect combination of residential and commercial properties makes up the majority of the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond, California. The commercial properties fill out the downtown business district, creating a central location for shopping, dining and entertainment. The surrounding neighborhood space features high-quality homes on generous lots with parkland strategically interspersed between the residences. A strong community presence and important outreach programs facilitate tight bonds that reduce crime rates and improve education across the board.

Our professional team at Utopia Management can help maximize the performance of your commercial and residential rental properties across the Iron Triangle region and beyond. We will craft personalized service plans that keep your rentals performing beyond your expectations at all times. Our basic services include:

Consulting Support: If you want to oversee the performance of your rentals yourself, we can help you learn the ropes through our excellent consulting program. We will teach you about the most effective marketing, management and maintenance strategies that help you reach your rental market goals. Our consulting services are always available for beginning to advanced property owners interested in learning more about proven industry techniques.

Management Services: You can take a step back from the daily upkeep requirements of your rentals by acquiring our full-service management support. From finding tenants within 30 days to completing repairs on an emergency basis, we will complete every task required for the performance of your properties. Our full-service support allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere without compromising on the monthly revenues generated by your rentals.

Financial Reports: You can access your secure online portal to retrieve informative performance reports for each of the rentals you place under our care. Our reports explore the expenses and revenues for each property and allow you to confirm their financial health each month. You can retrieve these documents at your earliest convenience by using your phone, tablet or computer to log in to your secure online portal.

We welcome you to contact our team at Utopia Management to acquire the support you need to achieve great success on the 94801 rental market. We look forward to serving you and your tenants every step of the way.

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