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Los Angeles

6015 Ensign

$ 1,700 Per Month
21 972 ft2
Shown by Utopia Management
Los Angeles

4505 Colfax Avenue Unit 1

$ 3,780 Per Month
22.5 1,500 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)

2643 North Brighton Street

$ 3,800 Per Month
33 1,950 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)
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The North Hollywood region was originally developed as farmland for raising sheep and growing oats, but the development of its residential sections and downtown district spurred a population boom that continues to grow to this day. Continual improvements to the local transportation infrastructure, including the development of the subway system, opened up opportunities for quick travel to and from the neighborhood areas. Residents do not have to go far, however, to enjoy terrific recreational centers, shopping boutiques and restaurants.

You can maximize the performance of your commercial and residential rental properties across North Hollywood by entrusting them to the care of our experienced team at Utopia Management. Our custom marketing, management and maintenance plans will maximize the returns you receive from your full roster of investment properties. Our personalized service plans include:

Consulting Services: When it comes to learning about property management tools and techniques, our team has you covered. We have over 20 years of experience managing rentals across Southern California and beyond. Our team will help you learn how to effectively find and screen great tenants, and then offer them your full support throughout every lease period. With our consultative support, you will feel prepared to tackle the day-to-day tasks required to maximize the success of your rental properties.

Management Support: If you prefer to take a step back from daily property management tasks, you can acquire our full-service management support. Our team will take over and perform the tasks needed to maximize rental revenues across the board.  From marketing to maintenance, our team will handle every phase of the management process for you. We will perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs using our highly-trained and licensed (Lic. #792427) repair team.

Bookkeeping: Our comprehensive bookkeeping services will keep you informed about just how well your properties are performing on the local rental market. These monthly reports land in your secure online portal to facilitate quick and easy retrieval using a computer, phone or tablet. Upon reviewing these reports, you will see the expense and revenue figures for each property on your roster. You can easily analyze the performance of your properties with these documents in hand.

If you are ready to start netting great returns on your 91601 to 91618 rental properties, contact our skilled and experienced team at Utopia Management today.

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