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68 Edwards Ave.

$ 3,225 Per Month
21 900 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)

2 Anchor Drive #F283

$ 1,925 Per Month
11 830 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)

5 Admiral Drive #F403

$ 1,900 Per Month
1 432 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)
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Have you visited the Portola area? If you have, you probably see why so many people are calling this area home and why when people move towards this part of San Francisco they consider living here. For those who already live here, they know that the competition to live in these homes is high.

However, what they may not realize is that many of those who are looking to move into the area are looking to rent a home. The rental market is booming and this is because people want the freedom that a lease will give them versus how concrete a mortgage is, which is understandable.

Turning a Property into a Rental

For those who own Portola property, they are going to have a unique opportunity to make a monthly income that will continue to pay out for years to come. This is through turning your property into rental property. People are eager to move here and through turning property into a rental, you are making it possible. The good news is that you do not have to go at this decision on your own.

Let Us Help

We are a property management firm. What does this mean? This means that we work with you to get your property onto the market, rented and then we handle the daily running of the property to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. You do not have to be actively involved, which is what most of our clients want as they realize just how much work it is to be a landlord.

We start with advertising this home to the market, then we go through those applications that we receive. We use tenant screening services to find the best person to rent your own. Afterwards, we handle collecting rent, maintenance and anything else that may pop up.

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