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Located along the San Juan River, Shandon is one of those small neighborhoods that people love to call home. For many people who live here, they love the small town feel and the agricultural feel that this area has to it as there are many farms and vineyards that call this area home. For those who own property here, they may decide that now is the time to put this onto the market. However, many people are finding that selling their property is not as easy as they had thought. That is why many people are looking to put their home onto the market a rental.

Let Our Expertise Help

We are a full service property management firm in the Shandon and surrounding areas. We have worked for years in managing property and we can do this for you. Our services are beyond helpful when you want to turn your property into a rental property, as we you will find that we handle it all for you!

How We Handle Your Rental

We start with making sure that your property is ready for the rental market, comparing other nearby properties and what they are listing for each month, and make our suggestions. From there, we advertise this rental to the market to attract the largest number of interested people. At the point in which applications have been received, when then go through each application to find the person that is going to be the best for you! We consider their past rental history, credit ratings and other factors. Once a person has moved into your home, our work does not stop. We step in as the main point of contact for your property. Meaning that we handle the rent, any repairs that need to be made, and the like!

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