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As a full service property management firm in the Wellsona area, we fully understand why many people are interested in turning their property into rental property here. Located near San Miguel and Paso Robles, this small town is one that many people are eager to call home. Why is this? They want a small town neighborhood that feels safe and where everyone knows their neighbor while still being near major cities. For those who live here, it may be time to consider turning this property into a rental home.

Why Consider a Rental?

Why consider renting your property rather than selling it? Many people find that renting their home is faster than if they were to sell this. The market for selling could take months or even years to see success. However, with our services, your Wellsona home could be rented in a few weeks, allowing you to continue on with your life plans!

How Our Services Help

When we start to work with a client, we help with all the aspects of turning a property into rental property. We first start with advertising this home on the market so that we reach the largest audience possible. The larger the audience, the more potential tenants we will have. Once the applications start to roll in we then use our tenant screening services to figure out who should be the tenant of the home. Our tenant screening services will include background checks, credit checks and past rental histories to determine who is the best possible fit.

Once the tenant has been selected and they move into the home, we then handle the day to day tasks that are required to keep a rental home up and running. We will collect the rent each month, arrange for maintenance or do whatever else is needed.

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