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St. Mary’s Garden

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The St. Mary’s Garden neighborhood centers around an all-inclusive retirement community of the same name. An attractive combination of commercial and residential properties surrounds the vast majority of the retirement community grounds. With Interstate 980 running along the eastern edge of the neighborhood, residents have direct access to the most popular venues across the cityscape. A well-designed bus system supports residents’ need for quick public transportation routes throughout the 94607 region.

Our team at Utopia Management can help you net great returns from your commercial and residential rental properties. We create custom management plans designed to boost revenues and minimize expenses at every turn. Our service plans include:

Tenant Acquisition: Our tenant acquisition techniques allow us to fill your vacancies with exceptional tenants in just 30 days’ time. We utilize online and local advertising platforms to attract prospective tenants to our onsite events. Upon visiting the rentals, many complete applications onsite for our prompt consideration. We strive to find the absolute best tenants for your rentals in hopes of boosting your revenues across the board.

Application Screening: Our high-tech application screening process allows us to secure the best residents for your full roster of rental properties. We check rental history, income and background information for each applicant to find residents who meet our strict eligibility requirements. By performing this thorough screening process, we eliminate the risk of late payments, property damage, evictions and other difficult situations commonly found in the rental industry.

Management and Consulting: To keep your tenants comfortable in their 94607 rentals for the long term, we offer our complete support every step of the way. With our comprehensive management plans, you can sit back and relax while our team completes all daily care and upkeep tasks for you. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can join our consulting program to learn all you need to know about providing quality management services. We will teach you how to effective market, manage and maintain all rentals in your roster of investment properties.

We invite you to contact Utopia Management right away to inquire about our custom service plans. We hope to serve you and your valued tenants for years to come.

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