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Lathrop Brand New 4 Bedroom Home

$ 1,795 per month
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Beautiful 4 pl XL 1 BDR Renovated (Near Dame...

$ 1,195 per month
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Home is Where the Heart is. $$$ OFF MOVE IN!

$ 1,500 per month
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For those who live in Ripon, they are very attached to it. And they are always eager to let others know that this is a great area to call home. However, despite many people looking to move into this area, they are often looking to rent a home here rather than buy. This does mean that there is a huge opportunity for those who own property here who are interested in renting it out to the market. Becoming a landlord is not a decision to take lightly, as it is hard work. However, with our services we can greatly decrease the amount of work that you have to do.

What We Offer 

As a full service property management firm in the Ripon area, we offer services that are meant to take over your role as landlord so that you can spend your time on other tasks. We handle it all, and this is what makes our services so interesting to those who are looking to rent their home, especially those first time landlords who may not have any ideas as to what they should be doing.

 Our Services 

Our services start with advertising the rental home in the Ripon area so that we attract numerous applicants to this home. Once these applicants have started to bring in their applications, we go through this in order to find the best person to rent your home. We utilize tenant screening services as a way to narrow down the best tenants for your home. We consider their past rental history, credit checks and even background checks before making a suggestion as to who you may want to select.

Once this tenant has moved in, we then handle the daily tasks that other landlords are responsible for. This may mean we respond to complaints on your behalf, collect the rent and the like. Our main job is to make your job easier!

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