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Twain Harte

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Twain Harte 

The Twain Harte area is one of the up and coming areas that people are interested in moving into. However, those who are looking at this area are often looking for rental homes that they can rent. Do you own property here that you are not using? Then it may be time to consider renting this to the market!

How We Help 

When we work with a person on getting their property into the rental market, we take a very hands on approach to this. We start with advertising this home online and via other methods to ensure that this is reaching the biggest market that is possible. We truly believe that the more people who see this home the better the chance of finding what you consider the perfect tenant.

Once applications have been handed into our office, we then look at each applicant to find the best one. We consider numerous factors, but most importantly we look at background checks and their past rental histories to determine if they are a fit for your property or not.

 Our Long Term Services 

Aside from finding the tenants and advertising your property, we also offer long term services. These services mean that we handle everything related to your rental. We collect the rent for you, have contact with the tenant when there are issues, arrange for repairs and even maintenance to be done to the property. With these services, we simply become the landlord while you get the financial investment from making the decision to have a rental home.

Why would you go at this alone? Anyone who wants to dive into the rental market realizes that this can encompass a lot of your time. However, with our services and experience, you can rest assured that your Twain Harte property is in good hands!

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