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Personal Insurance Services

In life, there are many unexpected events that may occur. Although we might not be able to stop them from happening, personal insurance offers a measure of financial protection in case of life-changing events. Our personal insurance services involve a wide range of coverage that gives you financial security for you and your family. It caters in circumstances such as injury, illness in addition to other external factors. We offer each type of personal insurance service for the protection of your well-being. By building for you a customized insurance plan combining all the policies for your lifestyle, we provide you with personal insurance services such as Auto Insurance, Homeowners, Landlord insurance, vehicle insurance, umbrella, Recreational and Boat/Yacht insurance.

Auto Insurance

Our Auto Insurance offers you protection against financial loss that may arise from an automobile accident. Through it, you are protected from liability, property damage and medical coverage. The property coverage compensates you against theft or damage to your car. Liability pays for all the legal responsibilities involved in damage or bodily harm to others while medical coverage caters for medical injuries in case of an accident.

Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is essential in offering compensation for destruction or damages that may occur from home disasters. Regardless of the numerous geographical areas, we assure you coverage against disasters such as fire and theft.

Boat/Yacht Insurance

Boat/ Yacht insurance incorporates policies that are generally dedicated to the coverage and protection of your recreational watercraft. Our system covers for the damages on your boat or any other permanently attached equipment such as sails, machinery, rigging or spars. Additionally, the coverage also incorporates bodily injury or physical damages from an accident.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance serves as an extra layer of liability insurance that is specially designed to protect you against lawsuits and significant claims. Our umbrella insurance is an excellent fit for high net worth individuals or anyone who would may benefit from higher coverage limits.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance offers both liability and property protection for those investors who rent their properties. Ensure your investments are covered propertly against future damage by fire, lightning, wind or hail. The liability portion of this coverage may help pay for medical or legal expenses of someone injured on your property.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Our Recreational insurance covers vehicles such as, ATV’s, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, motorhomes and travel trailers. Contact our experienced agents today for a custom quote.

Vehicle Insurance

Also referred to as car insurance, vehicle insurance is for trucks, motorcycles, cars in addition to other road vehicles. We offer financial protection over bodily injury or physical damages that result from traffic collisions. In addition to accidents, we provide protection against theft, and damages caused by natural disasters.

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