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Harbor Los Angeles

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Long Beach

1910 W. Lincoln St.

$ 1,795 Per Month
21 1,064 ft2
Shown by Samantha
(DRE 01997175)

13408 S Budlong Ave

$ 2,695 Per Month
31 1,069 ft2
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)
Manhattan Beach

1450 11th St.

$ 5,750 Per Month
53 2,800 ft2
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)
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Harbor Los Angles is a highly populated area that is very diverse in what it offers. And this city continues to grow. There are people who are moving into this area all the time. It is an amazing opportunity for those who own homes or property in this area to rent this to those who wish to call this area home. Renters make up over 50% of the housing units that are found in this area. Thus, the need is there, and this is expected to grow as more people rent rather than buy a home these days.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to be a landlord? What many people don’t realize is that they do not have to go at this alone. We are a full-service property management firm that has had great success in the Harbor Los Angeles area. We know what it takes to reel in those tenants that are going to be moving here for the long haul and who are going to treat a home with respect. So, the real question to ask yourself, what are you waiting for?

How We Can Help

Our services are meant to take over the landlord position for you when it comes to a home that you may be renting in the Harbor Los Angeles area. We first market this home to the market, using online and traditional means of advertising to reach the highest number of interested people. From there, we work to find the best tenant. Once people start to apply we utilize our rigorous tenant screening services to find the one person that is going to be the best fit for you.

After a tenant has been found and your home has been rented, our services do not stop! We take over the daily handling of this property so that you can sit back and enjoy the revenue from this investment.

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