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Utopia Management’s 25+ years of experience in property management services provide owners with effective and affordable management of their income-producing rental properties. At Utopia, we pride ourselves on creating an exceptional experience for both our property owners and their tenants. We deliver a comprehensive package of rental management services that can assist property owners to fill vacancies, increase revenues, and manage expenses.

From a single owner with one unit to a portfolio of dozens, our clients look to us to manage every aspect of their real estate investments. With specialized knowledge for homes, apartments, and commercial property, our licensed professionals are experts in leasing, marketing, accounting, and full-service day-to-day rental property management. Utopia’s use of advanced technology keeps the processes smooth and efficient, providing us with the ability to provide top quality service at an extremely competitive rate.


Individual owners, investors, and investment firms trust Utopia Management as industry experts in managing their rental property portfolios. Our property managers, local to the LA area, specialize in delivering the most efficient, innovative, and affordable solutions for our clients.

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Utopia Management, as one of the dominant property management companies in LA, has developed a reputation with potential tenants. Just listing with Utopia will expose your property to our established resident referral base. Using the top-rated and most-trafficked sites for available rental properties, including utopiamanagement.com, along with traditional property signage, we are able to extend the reach of your property to a larger audience of highly qualified potential tenants.

Extensive web presence and increased exposure of property.
Greater number of qualified potential renters.

Showings available by appointment 7 days a week.
Consistently occupied properties at current market rates.


Through the years, we’ve developed systems to provide efficient community management, minimize liabilities, and attract and retain quality tenants. Selecting the right tenants for your rental property can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, but it is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring the prosperity of your rental property investment. Our team of professionals has worked with communities of all sizes since 1994, giving Utopia Management the experience needed to successfully look after owners and investors, as well as their tenants. We have worked to develop streamline practices that can be tailored to the unique needs of each individual community.


We offer a full range of apartment management services including:

Tenant Screening
Online Payment Collection
Rent-ready Repairs

Regular and Emergency Maintenance
Tenant Retention Practices
Strategies to Minimize Liability


Our commercial management team is experienced in finding the most effective solutions for the often-complicated nature of commercial property management.  With an entrepreneurial mindset, our experienced agents are able to provide efficient and innovative solutions for the complex situations that arise in the day to day management of office, retail, mixed use, and industrial properties. They are focused on identifying and enforcing management practices leading to the financial success and stability of long-term real estate investment portfolios.


Utopia Management’s competitive fees are based on the exact needs of our clients and their property with the goal of complete satisfaction.

Complete administration, including contracts, inspection, eviction, and accounting.
Detailed financial reporting provided through your online portal.
REO management and disposition.

Tailored asset management strategies.
CAM & operating expense reconciliation


Our residential management services team handles a large portfolio of single-family homes and condos throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, with a range of sizes, locations, and values. Our competitive management fee comes with no hidden setup or leasing fees, unlike some of our competitors. From marketing your rental to rent collection, and full financial reporting, we maintain and improve on the financial success of your rental, leaving you free of the stresses of real estate management.


Few aspects of managing a rental property are as crucial as finding the right tenant. Placing only the best tenants for our clients protects our owners and investors from potential liabilities. Utopia Management clients benefit from consistently low eviction rates of less than one percent, higher tenant retention and on-time payments. Also available is our “Utopia Eviction Protection Program” to further limit liability.


Our screening process includes an outlook on each applicant’s rental history by verifying an exhaustive list of factors and documentation: identification, employment, income and pay stubs, rental verifications, and credit reporting (including prior eviction checks).

  • Exceptional property protection options for owners.
  • Preparation, delivery, and execution of legal documentation for evictions.
  • Optional “Utopia Eviction Protection Program” for additional peace of mind.


Property repairs and maintenance typically prove to be the most challenging aspect of owning property, whether a single condo or large apartment building. Utopia Management takes the stress out and often at a lower cost than owners will spend on their own. We’ve developed a network of preferred reliable and licensed vendors, meaning we have leveraged our relationship for lower rates and fast response times. We also employ an in-house team, under general contractor’s license (#792427), which gives us the option to evaluate the tasks and proceed with the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your property’s maintenance needs. With services available 24-hours for emergencies, as well as regular maintenance and rent-ready repairs, Utopia Management maintains many convenient and flexible options for any work your rental property may need.

  • Maintenance & Rent Ready Repairs
  • Technicians on Staff or Preferred Vendors
  • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
  • Move-in and Move-out Inspections
  • Licensed and Insured Vendors


Utopia Management offers full-service accounting for your managed properties, including all aspects from deposit and rent collection, bill and invoice payments on your behalf, and solutions for routine and emergency maintenance or repairs. Access to your detailed financial records, monthly statements, and yearly tax documentation is available 24-hours a day through a personal online portal. Our accounting department is also available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have regarding your property or statements.

  • Custom Web Portal
  • Accounting staff make financial management easy
  • Rent and security deposit collection online
  • Bills and year end figures available any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Los Angeles good for real estate investment?

Despite the high barrier-to-enter in the Los Angeles housing market, the area is still considered a great city for property investments. L.A. is the second-largest city in the nation and boasts an incredibly stable job market, pleasant climate, and impressive diversity.

What is the average home price in Los Angeles?

The current median home price in Los Angeles is $975,000. This is a 5.5% increase from last year, and the housing market in L.A. is somewhat competitive this year.

What are the best neighborhoods for families in Los Angeles?

Some of the best neighborhoods for families in Los Angeles are Playa del Rey, Mar Vista, Woodland Hills, and El Sereno. These areas boast extremely low crime rates and feature beautiful suburban streets with excellent schools.

What are the security deposit laws in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, landlords must return a security deposit within 21 days of the move-out date. They also must provide a written explanation of any deductions taken from the deposit.

Los Angeles Highlights

3.95 Million

(Population 2007)


Percentage of Renters


1 Bed


2 Beds


3 Beds

Median Rent (2019)

The median home price in Los Angeles is just under $1 million.

Los Angeles’ vacancy rate is 3.3%.

Los Angeles, known as LA, is arguably the most well known city in California, home to Hollywood stars past and present.  A sprawling metropolis, it encompasses diverse neighborhoods full of anything from funky enclaves to mansions in the hills. Famous beach communities abound, including Long Beach, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica.  It is the second most populous city in the US, at nearly 4 million. A diverse population is made up of 48% Hispanic, 23% non-Hispanic white, 10% African American, and 11% Asian.
Real estate statistics from Mashvisor report a median property price of $916,724 in Los Angeles, with median long term rental income at $3,109, and an average cash return of 1.34%. They project the best neighborhoods for a real estate investment in Los Angeles includes Venice, Echo Park, and West Lake.
A report from rentcafe.com recently listed the 50 most expensive zip codes in the US, six of which are in Los Angeles County. The most expensive in LA is 90024, Westwood, where rental units average $4,944 a month.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County contains 88 incorporated cities

California is the third state to pass statewide rent control laws.

A report from rentcafe.com recently listed the 50 most expensive zip codes in the US, six of which are in Los Angeles County. The most expensive in LA is 90024, Westwood, where rental units average $4,944 a month.

In LA County, approximately 58% of low-income households pay more than 30% of their monthly income on rent.

Los Angeles and TechniSoil are currently working together on a project that turns recycled plastic bags and bottles into pavement for roads. The new method, set to pilot on First Street at Grand Ave downtown, is expected to reduce production costs by 25%, in addition to reduced emissions and time. The plastic-infused roads will be faster to construct and more durable than standard materials.

Per lacounty.gov, if Los Angeles County were a nation, it would have the 19th largest economy in the world. Over 244,000 businesses are located there.

Over 40% of inbound containerized freight is brought in through Los Angeles County. It is home to one of the two largest sea ports in the Western hemisphere, with trade values in excess of $400 billion.

The entertainment and creative economy in Los Angeles County employs over 400,000 people, and generates over $38.8 billion in total income.

USC, UCLA, and Caltech all have campuses in Los Angeles.

As of Q3 2019, funding for startups hit $825 billion.

The 50 wealthiest people in Los Angeles have a cumulative $221 billion estimated. As of September 2019, Elon Musk topped the list.


A brief introduction

LA’s real estate market may be one of the most iconic and dynamic in the US, but that can make it pretty tough to grasp. Luckily Durkin has been in your shoes from way back as a ranching center to now as a major metropolis. From its earliest days as a hangout for cattle ranchers like Edward Doheny (ol’ Standard Oil Eddy) to its potential future as the next Silicon Valley, LA’s growth is predicted to be amazing.

The history of

Los Angeles is the second largest city in America. Its earliest settlers each received a rancho, parcels of Spanish land grants, which they used primarily for activities like grazing and agriculture. As population growth accelerated in the region, Los Angeles brought a surge of miners, entrepreneurs and businesses to the region when silver was discovered in the San Gabriel Mountains in 1848. The development of the railroad system in 1878 and completion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1883 further accelerated settlement of Los Angeles. As this boom continued, residential real estate became more abundant and affordable.

It’s hard to imagine Los Angeles without its iconic neighborhoods, from Silverlake to Hollywood Hills mansions. During this era, many of the major businesses today opened their doors in LA. Toward the mid-20th century, commercial real estate became even more big business. From downtown LA high-rises to office parks in the San Fernando Valley, diverse businesses helped make L.A. a global destination during this time by shaping the real estate market.

The present

Los Angeles is a major economic driver in the United States and one of the largest cities. The real estate market is a significant part of this, with historically extraordinarily high prices. Many neighborhoods in the city center, such as Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades, have some of the most expensive real estate deals in the country.

Nevertheless, the city’s diversity and dynamism have resulted in a wide range of housing choices, ranging from affordable to luxury, old to new. A wide range of mid-range houses are available, from cozy North Hollywood condos to bright Craftsman bungalows just south of downtown. In spite of the rise in modern office and industrial spaces, the entertainment industry continues to drive the commercial real estate market.

In the future

Though the Los Angeles real estate market will likely remain both diverse and vibrant, there is expected to be some slowing down in higher-end properties following the recent economic downturn. The region has remained a desirable destination for both individuals and businesses. Economic growth is predicted to continue over the coming years, which speaks to the commercial real estate market’s continued progression as well. Businesses are still looking towards the area to locate their offices or expand their operations. This bodes well for your real estate portfolio, so don’t wait too long before investing!

A relatively healthy residential market is also expected. Increased demand for affordable housing is counterbalanced by higher-end purchasers. Overall, the Los Angeles real estate market appears to remain an attractive option for buyers and investors seeking the best of what the city has to offer.

In conclusion

The Los Angeles real estate market has changed and evolved over the years, from its humble beginnings as a series of ranchos to its current status as one of the world’s most dynamic, diverse, and expensive cities. The current landscape is characterized by a wide range diversity of options, from historic homes to state-of-the-art facilities, from celebrity residences to affordable condos. In addition, the economic outlook in the region is strong with growth expected in both residential and commercial sectors. This makes Los Angeles an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike and all points to an exciting future for the city and its real estate market.


Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the US, with more than 10 million residents (as of 2018). The City of Los Angeles, which began in 1781 with 44 original settlers, is currently the second most populous city and metropolitan area in the US.


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