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141 North Parkwood Ave #10

$ 2,050 Per Month
21.5 865 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)

1726 North El Molino Avenue

$ 2,375 Per Month
21.5 962 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)

1571 Oak Grove Drive

$ 3,200 Per Month
21 956 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)
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The city of San Marino is a part of Los Angeles County and is situated in the beautiful San Rafael Hills. San Marino is a master-planned community.  Designed to provide the ultimate residential experience, San Marino offers expansive properties, lush gardens, and well-maintained roadways. If you own an investment property and are looking for San Marino property management services, we can help!

Utopia Property Management offers more than twenty years of experience managing a full-range of properties in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. We are expert within the local housing and rental market of San Marino, and our local management professionals can help develop rental strategies that are applicable to your specific market.

Utopia Property Management offers a wide spectrum of services:

Marketing and advertising: We use a dual strategy for marketing your properties – employing both local listing and signage, as well as wide-reaching online postings and communication to capture a broader group of potential tenants. Our experts can create a strategic marketing plan for you and we commit to finding a tenant and secure a signed contract for your property within 30 days of us listing your property.

Tenant screening services: Once potential candidates interested in your property, we provide comprehensive screening services to help you identify any potential concerns, such as a history of delinquent payments, previous property damage, or evictions.  We also conduct employment and income verifications to help decrease the risk of vacancies or high turn over.

Management and consulting services:  Take advantage of our twenty-plus years in the business and come in for our consulting services.  As SoCal’s largest property management company, we are perfectly positioned to offer tips and tricks to help make you investment venture profitable and stress-free.  From staging your rental units, to local laws and requirements, to communication with tenants – our consultants can provide the guidance you need to fully realize the potential of your investments.

Repairs and maintenance: One of the most dreaded aspects of most would-be property managers is the cost and time required to keep up with all the repairs and maintenance needed on the investment properties.  All home will need some level of upkeep, but this doesn’t have to be your headache!  Utopia manages all your property maintenance and requests from tenants.  Our general contractor’s license (Lic. #792427) allows us to provide most services at a much lower price than other local contractors.  Any major repairs on long-term projects are sourced to our extensive list of trusted 3rd party contractors.

Accounting: Our financial experts help you stay current with the financial health of your property by providing monthly financial reports.  These in-depth reports are uploaded to your cloud-based portal. This information allows you can follow your business expenses and profits, and also be alerted to opportunities for improvement and long-range planning.

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of Utopia Property Management to truly realize the potential of rental property success in San Marino.  Call today and let Utopia begin to optimize your property management and build your successful returns.

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