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632 Gibbel Rd.

$ 1,295 Per Month
21.5 1,280 ft2
Shown by Sara
(DRE 01381921)

183 Ropango Way

$ 1,395 Per Month
Shown by Sara
(DRE 01381921)

33351 Rustlers Rd.

$ 2,250 Per Month
43 2,273 ft2
Shown by Sara
(DRE 01381921)
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From the Hemet – Temecula area, several people are calling this area home. And for the most part, these people are renting their homes in the area. Thus, for those who are looking to get into real estate, this area could be one of the best for buying and renting to tenants. The problem is that many people are not ready to be the landlord in a full management capacity. That is where we can help you!


How We Help Landlords

One of the biggest problems that landlords have when it comes to managing a property in the Hemet – Temecula area, is that it takes up a lot of their time. From having to advertise this property for rent, find the right tenant, ensuring that the property stays maintained, making repairs, and then also acting as an accountant to get your check each month, it can be exhausting. That is where we come into the picture. We have tons of experience when it comes to managing properties.


We market the property that you are ready to rent to reach the maximum numbers of tenants that may be interested thanks to our online listings. Once we have numerous people applying, we look at the applicants to find the best one for you. We consider their rental history, references and the like, as we want your tenant to be one that you never regret having.


Once the Home Is Rented…

Once a home is rented our job is not done. We take on the work of maintaining a home, arranging for repairs when they are needed, talking with the tenant, and even ensuring that you are getting paid each month. Our job is to make your job as a Hemet – Temecula landlord easy. Those who have worked with us in the past are glad they did as we make this process painless.

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