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8577 Rosemary Drive

$ 1,850 Per Month
32 1,972 ft2
Shown by Sara
(DRE 01381921)

200 E. Alessandro ave #70

$ 1,695 Per Month
22 930 ft2
Shown by Sarah
(DRE 01383297)
Moreno Valley

12635 Penske St

$ 1,950 Per Month
32 1,988 ft2
Shown by Sarah
(DRE 01383297)
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Orange Crest only recently transformed from its citrus grove origins to a collection of sprawling suburban neighborhoods. Interspersed educational and recreational areas provide the residential sections with the support they require for continued population growth. As this region initially gained in popularity, city planners continually pushed out its boundaries to nearly 2,500 acres. As a result, this area houses more than 36,000 people, and it still continues to expand into unclaimed spaces and retired groves. If you are interested in managing rental properties located throughout this area, please contact Utopia Property Management for professional assistance.

With more than 20 years of experience in this region, we can use our skills and knowledge to maximize the financial performance of your investment properties. We offer personalized management and consultation services that allow you to stay confident about your real estate investment plans. Our company provides:

Marketing Services

With your investment property competitors actively seeking tenants through online and direct avenues, placing a sign in the yard just will not cut it. We develop a marketing plan that utilizes multiple contact points for the greatest market saturation. With our targeted marketing plans, prospective renters will see and consider your ads with every search for a suitable property. We strive to have tenants placed and contracts signed within 30 days.

Tenant Acquisition

We do not just place interested tenants in open rental units and hope for the best. To ensure you always have dependable tenants leasing your rental properties, we run extensive background and income verification checks. These screening tests rule out tenants with a history of eviction, lengthy unemployment records or undesirable credit histories. As a result, our services give you the best chance at maintaining low turnover and keeping your rentals in great condition.

Management Consultations

Our knowledgeable team can provide you with professional consultations that enable you to avoid common mistakes associated with managing your properties. The consultation subjects may include rental pricing, staging, listing, and screening tasks. You will exit the consultation appointments feeling empowered to handle any issue associated with managing investment properties.

Property Upkeep

With our team in charge of upkeep, you never have to worry about sourcing and managing repair professionals. Whenever necessary, we will promptly send out licensed contractors (Lic. #792427) to handle maintenance and repair tasks of all kinds. If our contractors determine the required repairs are out of their scope of expertise, we will call in 3rd party experts to service your property.

Accounting Assistance

Our skilled team of accountants produces monthly financial reports that keep you updated on the exact profit and expenditure numbers for each of your investment properties. You can view the generated reports anytime by checking your Utopia web portal through a browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

If you maintain or want to acquire properties in the 92508 area code, our team at Utopia Property Management would love to talk to you. We can set up a service plan that will keep your costs low while maximizing profits for each property in your roster. To get started, give us a call today!

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