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Vendor Proposals

Vendor Proposals

Thank you for your interest in providing maintenance service for properties managed by Utopia Management. There are three areas of consideration prior to being added to our vendor list, first being requirements, then expectations and then procedures.

  • If you have employees you must provide proof of workers compensation insurance. If you have no employees you must sign a statement to that affect.
  • You must provide proof of liability insurance.
  • If the type of services you provide require a contractor’s license you must provide a copy of your license.
  • W-9 form for tax reporting purposes as required by the IRS.
  • Provide in a professional manner only those services you are qualified and licensed to perform.
  • Charge in accordance to our customary charges based on our past experiences.
  • Provide services in a timely manner.
  • Treat all tenant, homeowners and company representatives respectfully.
  • Communicate status of services provided.
  • Provide professional and detailed invoices.
  • Services provided are frequently inspected for thoroughness.
  • Tenants are frequently surveyed for their satisfaction with your services.

To be considered please submit a proposal package addressed to:
Utopia Management, Inc.
c/o Maintenance Coordinator
4617 Ruffner Street
San Diego, CA 92111

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