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Borrowers with loans serviced by Utopia Lending, Inc. may have options available to them if unable to afford mortgage payments and wish to avoid foreclosure. Although Utopia Lending, Inc., as a loan servicing company, is not authorized to provide payment relief by accepting less than full payment due by the borrower, a borrower who is unable to afford mortgage payments should immediately contact Utopia Lending, Inc. at (800) 294-4656 to inform them of the financial circumstances.

Please note, only the lender and not Utopia Lending, Inc., may modify the terms of your loan, authorize a forbearance, authorize a loan work out, or provide other forms of payment relief and such relief must be in writing and signed by the lender. Please also be advised you may contact the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to seek a HUD certified housing counseling agency at their toll-free telephone number which is (800) 569-4287.DRE License number: 01346229MLO: #172533

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