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185 Avocet Court

$ 2,500 per month
32 1,450 ft2
For More Information Call: (844) 553-3176
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The Grover Beach area is one that is beautiful and it almost feels like living in paradise each day. With this being said, many people are looking to move into this area. For those who own property here, it could be a great financial decision to make in order to turn their home into a rental home. Many people think that having a rental home is a huge headache. While it can be, when you work with us, we can make this ten times easier.

Who Are We?

How can we help you? We are a property management firm in the Grover Beach area. We have years of experience in helping people to put their homes onto the rental market and having success with this venture. We work on their behalf as the landlord for this home, and it means that there is no stress on their shoulders to handle this rental.

What We Offer

As a property management firm, we offer services to make the entire rental process run easier for you. We start with advertising this rental home to the market in order to reach the largest audience. Once applications are received, we then use our tenant screening services to ensure that the person who ends up living in your home is going to be one that is going to work for you. After this person moves into your home, we will then handle the day to day running’s of this home. We may collect rent, arrange for maintenance or even repairs.

With our services, you do not have to be actively involved in turning your Grover Beach home into a rental. Instead, you can leave this to the professionals so that you know it is always being taken care of and that your home is in good hands.

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