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La Habra Heights

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La Habra

1321 Koopmans Way

$ 2,500 Per Month
32 1,459 ft2
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(DRE 02077384)
Hacienda Heights

16967 Colchester

$ 2,195 Per Month
32 1,200 ft2
Shown by G. Marlon
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La Habra

758 Stone Harbor Circle

$ 1,725 Per Month
22 973 ft2
Shown by Samantha
(DRE 01997175)
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A small town with a population of nearly 5,500, La Habra Heights is an affluent, rural community where homeowners can escape nearby busy city of Los Angeles. Instead of towering skyscrapers, La Habra Heights is known for its open spaces, agriculture, and lack of commercial businesses. For farmers, nature enthusiasts, and commuters who need a change of scene, La Habra Heights has long provided a welcome refuge. In addition to its agricultural focus, La Habra Heights is home to a number of wealthy individuals, with a median household income of over $110,000.

If you own a rental home, condo, or apartment building in La Habra Heights, Utopia property management would be delighted to help you target your property to the unique residents of this community.

For more than two decades, Utopia Property Management has been helping Southern California renters to market their properties and maximize their revenues. Our comprehensive list of property management services and in-depth knowledge of both La Habra Heights and the Southern California region makes us a sought-after rental management partner. Committed to our clients and their tenants, we seek to form relationships that bring benefits for all parties involved in a rental transaction. The following are just a few of the services we can offer to support your La Habra Heights Rental:


Home to both laid-back farmers and high-power Los Angeles commuters, La Habra Heights is diverse! For this reason, a traditional marketing plan just won’t work. Instead of relying on the usual yard signs and newspaper ads, Utopia helps prospective renters connect with you by providing a unique and strategic marketing plan aimed at your property’s specific assets, as well as La Habra Heights’s unique population. In addition to traditional marketing, we use digital techniques, including listing your rental on some of the most popular real estate websites in the 90631 area.

Tenant Screening

To maximize your La Habra Heights property’s potential, you need to find upstanding renters who can pay on time and exhibit positive character traits. Even in a city so small, it’s important to take caution so as not to put your rental or reputation at risk. Our thorough and extensive background checks and verifications confirm potential renters’ identity, income, and employment. We also conduct thorough credit checks to ensure your potential client has not had problems paying bills in the past.

Management & Consulting

As the leading Southern California property management company, we leverage our comprehensive knowledge of the La Habra Heights retail market to give you advice that will boost your profits, minimize your losses, and reduce your time investment. From helping you set up your office to answering tough legal questions about community laws and codes, we provide full-scale consulting and management that aims toward long-term solutions and success.


In a rural community with few contractors, finding a quality professional to attend to emergency and upkeep issues can be challenging and costly. Fortunately, when you work with Utopia, you don’t have to waste your time or money. With our general contractor’s license (#792427) and diverse staff of in-house maintenance professionals, we can service your La Habra Heights rental faster and at a lower cost than any local or nationwide provider.


To run a successful business, you need to know if you’re turning a profit or incurring a loss. However, accounting can be challenging and time consuming. As a Utopia client, there’s no need to worry. We cover you by providing an in-depth report of your La Habra Heights rental, sent directly to your web portal each month.

As a property owner in La Habra Heights, you understand that this unique community is a profitable location for a rental. However, the small population, agricultural focus, and unique culture can make marketing and managing a rental challenging. Utopia is here to help with all of your La Habra Heights rental needs. Call us today to discuss a positive and profitable future.

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