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519 E. Hazel Street #17

$ 2,495 Per Month
32.5 1,288 ft2
Shown by Samantha
(DRE 01997175)

9507 S 5th Ave

$ 2,500 Per Month
31 1,230 ft2
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)

8710 Belford Ave #203B

$ 2,350 Per Month
22 893 ft2
Shown by Samantha
(DRE 01997175)
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For those who are looking for elegance and charm, they will find that Windsor Hills most often has what they are looking for. While many people think of this area as one in which people buy a home, there are many rentals that often come onto the market as well. Though, they usually don’t last long! For those who are thinking about renting their home, they will find that this can be a great investment.

Don’t Go at This Alone

No one should feel like they have to be the landlord, the maintenance team and the accountant with a property. Instead, we offer services that are meant to help downgrade the stress you may be dealing with along with handle the entire process. We are a full-service property management firm that has years of experience in the Windsor Hills area, and we can help you!

Our Services

When we work with those who are ready to turn their properties into rental properties, we do it all for them. For starters, we market these properties to the rental market. Our goal is to find you the best possible tenant that there is to move into your home. We utilize traditional and online methods to attract these tenants and have a high success rate in doing so. Once there are applications rolling in on your home, we take the time to find the best possible tenant. We utilize background checks, past rental histories and the like to make a list of those who would be perfect fits for your home.

Once the person moves into your home, remember that this is not the end of our services. We start to handle the daily maintenance of having a rental home. For example, if there is a repair that needs to be made, we will arrange for this to happen, we also handle the accounting for this property. Our goal is to make you, the landlord, earn the revenue from this property without having to devote so much time to handling this.

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