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1765 Urbana Lane

$ 2,700 Per Month
42 2,627 ft2
Managed by Utopia Management

363 Mackay Avenue

$ 2,620 per month
42 1,550 ft2
For More Information Call: (805) 395-9999

6086 Sparrow Street

$ 2,350 per month
42 1,557 ft2
For More Information Call: (805) 648-1851
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El Rio began as a small town situated around a general store, post office, and one-room schoolhouse. Although the neighborhood expanded to more than 7,000 people across two square miles, the close-knit community look and feel remains. Residents can quickly reach shopping centers, parks, and business centers with a short jaunt down Ventura Boulevard or State Route 232, which act as the main boundaries on the south and west edges of this highly residential section of California. Families have ample access to high quality school options, starting with the Rio Plaza Head Start Center for the youngest of the bunch. If you require assistance with managing your rental homes throughout El Rio, contact Utopia Property Management today.

Through 20 years of hard work, we have grown into the largest property management company in the Southern California region. During that time, we’ve developed a comprehensive service package that will assist you through every step of the property management process. Our services include:

Rental Marketing

As technology continues to evolve, we regularly update our marketing techniques to integrate far reaching solutions into our advertising program. We will market your available rentals using both online and local methods that attract the most tenants possible in a short period of time. Our goal is to limit turnaround times to fewer than 30 days from posting the listing to receiving a signed lease contract.

Tenant Screening and Acquisition

Our team processes all applicants through a comprehensive screening program to minimize the risks associated with renting out your properties. Our screening services verify each applicant’s identity, rental history, and income information to keep potential problems to a minimum. We strive to keep late payments and evictions to an all-time low, year after year.

Management Services

We provide management consulting services that can assist you in learning how to maximize the success of your rental properties. Our consultation services cover staging activities that can help you find qualified renters right away. We strive to help you gain confidence in your rental property’s ability to improve your financial success.

Property Care

Whenever your properties require maintenance and/or repairs, we will send out a professional to take care of those important tasks. Our general contractor’s license (Lic. #792427) allows us to employ a qualified team of professionals to handle the required repairs and minimize your management expenses.


Our team of accountants compiles monthly reports covering all of your rentals and sends it through your Utopia web portal for your review. These financial reports give you a clear outlook on your revenue and expenses to help you stay on top of the performance of your investments.

Here at Utopia, we have the experience needed to help you maximize your revenues and minimize expenses. We strive to boost your confidence in your investment property’s ability to net great returns. If you are interested in making the most of your investment portfolio, or building it up even more throughout the 93036 region, contact one of our representative today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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