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The Coulterville area is seeing more and more people moving into it and renting homes that are on the market. However, there is such a high demand for rental homes in the area that many people are having to make do with moving into nearby areas. This is a great opportunity for those who own property in the area, as they could turn this into a rental property and earn residual income from this every month.

Don’t Do This On Your Own

While being a landlord may seem like it would be a piece of cake, it often is not. There are tons of things that have to be done in order to get a home onto the rental market and then managing this from day to day. That is why we are here to help! We can make this process one that you don’t regret doing and make it to where you have little to do with the property other than getting a check each month.

Our Services

We are a full service property management company and our services are meant to make it easier for you to decide to put your home on a market as a rental home. We start with advertising this home for you using various methods to reach a wider audience. Once we start getting applicants for this rental home, we use our tenant screening services to ensure that the person chosen is one that works best for your property and what you want in a tenant.

From there, we manage the daily activities of the rental property. Meaning that if there is a repair that needs to be made, we arrange for this to happen. We take over the maintenance that may be needed for the property and then also collect the rent each month. Our services are meant to make it an easy decision to put your home on the Coulterville rental market.

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