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1341 N. Cherrytree Rd

$ 1,695 Per Month
22 1,082 ft2
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(DRE 01383297)

530 S. Spruce Ave

$ 2,450 Per Month
53 2,486 ft2
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(DRE 01383297)

1690 W. Merrill Ave

$ 1,895 Per Month
31 1,250 ft2
Shown by Sarah
(DRE 01383297)
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In the heart of Riverside County is Crestmore Heights, California. This city is quite small, with under 400 residents calling it home. It is also a college town since the University of Riverside is located nearby. The city is an affordable community near Riverside and as a result, it is quite desirable for those looking for investment opportunities. Real estate here is generally affordable – with median home values around $250,000. Beautiful and a bit more rural than other cities, Crestmore Heights may be the perfect place to purchase investment property. When you work with Utopia Property Management, our team will create a customized plan that helps you to make the most out of your real estate investment.
Our team offers a complete suite of management services. We understand the Crestmore Heights area quite well and have over twenty years of experience in property management throughout the San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties. This expertise allows us to help you with every step of property management to ensure that you receive advantageous rental revenues and minimal vacancies. Our Crestmore Heights services include:
Marketing and advertising: To ensure that your property receives the highest level of attention from prospective tenants, we will advertise on top-performing websites and use leading edge marketing events. We’ll also combine web-based and local advertising for the best reach. The goal is to have a contract in your hand within thirty days.
Screening services: Our tenant screening services for zip code 92882 are comprehensive. We know you need more than just a tenant. You also need credit checks and background screenings. You need verification of identity, employment, and income. We also ensure the tenant’s financial history clearly demonstrates their ability to make on-time payments to reduce the risk of evictions.
Consulting services: Utopia Property Management works closely with clients from start to finish. We can help you transition your property from an owner-occupied unit to a rental. We can aid with home and office staging while also helping to set market-competitive rates. We will collect rents, complete monthly reporting, and ensure a show-ready property during the listing process.
Maintenance and repair work: To further improve your bottom line, we offer full in-house maintenance and repair services. This ensures that experts handle your property – and complete work – at a fraction of the cost that third party vendors charge. We are a licensed general contractor (Lic. $792427) to provide additional reassurance in this area.
Accounting: Always maintain a clear picture of the performance of your property through our full scope of accounting services. We will generate a monthly financial report that pinpoints revenue and expenses for your property. This is sent to you each month through our secure web portal, where you’ll see all relevant details of your property – at any time and from anywhere, even from your mobile device.
Utopia Property Management is dedicated to your success. We aim to maximize rents, reduce your costs, and keep well-qualified tenants in place. As the largest and most diverse property management company in Crestmore Heights, we’re always available to work closely with you to achieve your goals. Talk to us today about your unique needs and get ready to watch your rental empire grow!

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