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Downtown San Diego, CA Office

Downtown San Diego, CA

A typical one-bedroom unit in San Diego rents for $1,955 per month, making it the 9th most expensive city in the US for apartment rentals.


The median income in the city of San Diego is $65,753, and median home price $645,300.


San Diego’s coastal climate draws year-round crowds to its strong arts and outdoor activities. Though the cost of living continues to rise (currently 77.5% higher than US average), and air quality problems have worsened, the city still grows and typically maintains a strong economy.


San Diego is one of the US cities with the most operating breweries, with over 100 breweries, brew pubs, and tasting stores.


Balboa Park in San Diego is an iconic, 1,200 acre historic cultural park. The park is free to explore and includes 17 museums, a zoo, concert hall, several gardens, and hiking trails.


National Geographic’s “World’s Smartest Cities” documentary featured San Diego (the only US city in the series) for its strong technology sector, innovators, green practices, smart public planning, and quality of life.


The City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department hopes to strengthen “homegrown businesses, from the soloprenuer to the startup to the small business to the corporate headquarters” though is Business Incentive Program. The program encourages the attraction, expansion, and retention of small to mid-sized businesses that produce goods and/or services that are customarily sold and used outside San Diego. Incentives ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 are given to businesses that improve workforce development, education, green/sustainability efforts, set up in low-to-moderate-income areas, invest in the community, and/or or aid in transportation and mobility.


The Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) gives incentives and free design services to small business owners who are interested in creatively improving and/or restoring the storefront of their property.


San Diego’s top employer is the United States Navy.


San Diego’s temperatures average 70 year-round, giving it one of the most ideal climates in the country.


Since 2013, over 400 startups have launched in San Diego each year.


The San Diego Housing Commission helps more than 15,000 low-income households, and offers incentives to landlords who participate in providing housing for renters who receive assistance through the program.

120 miles south of Los Angeles and 20 miles north of the Mexican border, the city of San Diego is the 8th largest in the US with an approximate population of 1.4 million.


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