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Santa Monica

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Santa Monica

2308 Schader Drive, #203

$ 2,275 Per Month
11 613 ft2
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)
Santa Monica

1935 Cloverfield Blvd – Apt #18

$ 2,475 Per Month
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)
Santa Monica

1935 Cloverfield Blvd – Apt #3

$ 1,650 per month
Shown by G. Marlon
(DRE 01956602)
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Living in the beachfront community of Santa Monica is just as amazing as it sounds! This famous beach town is a highly lucrative area for property owners and investors.   Though Santa Monica properties have great potential for high returns, it can also be difficult to stay competitive in this demanding environment.

If you are seeking property management services for your Santa Monica rental residence, there is no better company for your need than Utopia Property Management. Number one is SoCal, Utopia is proud to have served clients and tenants for over twenty years.  With a continued tradition of excellence and service, Utopia has outperformed their competition through offering a wide range of services to their clients.  These services include:

Marketing and advertising: Find your perfect tenant with a strategic marketing and advertising approach tailored to your needs. Our marketing professionals employ a dynamic marketing approach for your listing that combines local advertising with online marketing to reach the broadest scope of potential tenants. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of market demands in Santa Monica and is ideally positioned to most effectively market your property.   We always strive for our personal goal of a signed lease agreement within 30 days of listing your property

Tenant screening services: In order to identify potential tenants who have a history of payment delinquency or other negative characteristics, Utopia uses comprehensive background check services and employment verification. You can be confident that your tenant has a clean history and no red flags.  Utopia Property Management offers these tenant review services as part of our promise to serve all of your property management needs.

Management and consulting services: Utopia offers consulting services to answer your questions and help you build strategies for property management success.  The rental market rapidly changes and the scene is especially competitive in Santa Monica.   Use our expert consultants as your “inside-man” to elevate your property to a market leader.

Repairs and maintenance: Many individuals who consider renting their home, condo, or business space are intimidated by the prospect of maintaining the property, making repairs, and having to deal with tenant requests.  With Utopia, there is no need to be worried – we will take care of all repairs and maintenance.  You can simply relax and enjoy the growth of your investment.  All property repairs are complete by our team of licensed contractors (Lic. #792427) or trusted and approved 3rd party professionals.

Accounting: We eliminate the time-suck and frustration of needed to track of your monthly finances … our accounting experts compile and create monthly financial statements that are sent directly to your cloud-based Utopia portal.  A complete snapshot of your investment is always available from your computer, phone, or tablet.

We are committed to overseeing every aspect of managing your Santa Monica property and fully dedicated to strengthening of your investment.   We are equally dedicated to your, and your tenants’, customer satisfaction.   We would be honored to represent your property – give us a call today!

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