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900 East Mountain Road

$ 3,800 Per Month
32 1,617 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)

2643 North Brighton Street

$ 3,550 Per Month
33 1,950 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)
Los Angeles

1571 Oak Grove Drive

$ 3,200 Per Month
21 956 ft2
Shown by David
(DRE 01926069)
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For those who are looking to move into an area that is close to city life, while also offering that calming neighborhood, then Verdugos is a great area to consider in Los Angeles. Those who live here often love how quiet it is and how easy it is to get to those places that they may want to go. More and more people are considering the area; however, they are searching for rental properties. Today, more people are renting rather than buying as they figure out just where they want to be or when they feel more secure in their career.

Turning Property into Rentals

For those who own homes or property in Verdugos, turning this into rental property may be easier than you think. Most people have this idea that if they were to turn this home into a rental home that is going to require tons of work on their end. At one point, they would have been right. However, our services make the job that you have to do super easy. Who are we? We are a property management firm that takes over the responsibilities that come with having a rental home. We do it all, so you can sit back and relax.

Our Services

We offer numerous services that are meant to make your rental property more attractive, safe and above all else profitable. We start with advertising this to the market in order to find the best possible tenant that is out there. From there, we offer tenant screening services to find the one person that is going to treat your home with the same respect that you would treat your own home. After this, we start to handle the daily affairs of the rental, whether this be maintenance or repairs. And we also handle the accounting aspects of a rental home. The end result for you is knowing that your home is in great hands, and you are benefiting from this investment.

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