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Saint Francis Wood

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68 Edwards Ave.

$ 3,225 Per Month
21 900 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)
San Bruno

3340 Longview Drive

$ 3,750 Per Month
32 1,380 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)

85 George Lane

$ 4,950 per month
32.5 1,944 ft2
For More Information Call: 415-482-9988
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Saint Francis Wood

Spacious lots and elegance is what many people say about the Saint Francis Wood area. While this area may be considered an affluent area, there are several people who are looking to rent in this area. Those who own property here are going to find that now is the time to act on putting this onto the rental market. The good news is that you don’t have to go at this on your own.

Who Are We?

We are a full service property management firm that deals with the Saint Francis Wood area. We have years of experience in managing rental homes in this area and others so that you know you can trust us to handle your home. With our expertise, we have made it easier than ever to turn any property into a rental property.

Let Us Help

All of the services that we offer are designed to help you get your home onto the rental market. These services include:

Using our expertise to determine what your home may need in order to get it even more recognized on the rental market
Determining what price your home should be listed at on the market
Advertising the home to the market so that we attract the highest number of interested parties as possible
Using our tenant screening services that include looking at past rental histories, background checks and credit ratings to determine the best person to live in the home

We collect the rent each month
Handle any issues that the tenant may have

We do the job so well that you simply sit back and relax. If you are ready to turn your home into a rental and don’t want to go at this alone, we are here for you. Give us a call today.

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