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San Bruno

3340 Longview Drive

$ 3,500 Per Month
32 1,380 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)

1515 Terra Nova Blvd.

$ 4,200 Per Month
43 1,700 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)

68 Edwards Ave.

$ 3,225 Per Month
21 900 ft2
Shown by Michael
(DRE 01079306)
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In the early 1940s, world-renowned architects worked together to design and build the single and multi-family residences now positioned throughout the Parkmerced neighborhood of San Francisco. High-rises and garden-style apartments dominate the architectural designs used for the local multi-family residences. Upscale single-family residences from that time period remain a huge point of interest due to their extravagant architectural designs. The San Francisco Golf Course, along the southern edge of the neighborhood space, beautifully balances the dense urban landscape throughout the 94132 region.

Here at Utopia Property Management, we look forward to helping you transform your 94132 investment properties into highly-desirable rentals. With over 20 years of industry experience, we know the perfect approach to use to increase the performance of your rental properties. With our services, you will receive:

Management and Consulting Support: While working with our team, you may opt for full-service management support or elect to receive consulting support to learn the tactics used to maximize rental revenues. Our consulting services teach you how to handle the marketing, management and maintenance tasks you must complete to ensure your properties perform at their limits at all times. If you wish to have those tasks handled for you, select our full-service management support instead.

Property Upkeep Services: Our team keeps the properties under our care in pristine condition by performing routine maintenance and emergency repairs, as needed. We utilize our general contractor’s license (Lic. #792427) to dispatch our in-house repair professionals in an effort to minimize your management expenses. For some maintenance tasks, we may acquire services from specialty contractors approved through our third-party verification system.

Monthly Accounting Reports: Our accounting team utilizes data from your rentals to create monthly financial reports for your review. These reports show the expenses and revenues associated with each of the properties you place under our care. You can review these documents anytime by navigating to your secure online portal using your phone, tablet or computer.

To net great returns on your roster of investment properties, contact the team at Utopia today. We are committed to offering the highest quality of service and support throughout your 94132 rental market journey.

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