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The Morro Bay area is one that many people love calling home. And for good reason, we know the area well and we have to agree that it is one of the better ones out there. With a friendly feel to it, those who are looking to move are always considering this as an area to move into. However, those who are looking to move right now are looking to rent. Many people would rather rent so that they are not tied down for too long at one place. For those who own property here, they will find that they have a unique opportunity to make a great financial decision.

Let Us Help

We can help those who are considering turning their property into a rental home. We have experience as we have been a full-service property management firm for years and we have the experience that it takes to get your home rented and rented to the right person.

How We Work

When we take on a home in the Morro Bay area that is looking to be turned into a rental property, we do several things. We first make any suggestions as to what you could do in order to make this home more renter friendly, if there is anything to do. We then start to advertise this home on the market in hopes of drawing a huge crowd.

From those who apply, we use tenant screening services in order to ensure that the person chosen is going to pay their rent on time and be a perfect tenant. From there, we handle the day to day issues that may arise with the rental home. This means collecting rent each month, handling any complaints or repairs that need to be made. Our goal is to make it where we do all the work and you reap the benefits.

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