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Lathrop Brand New 4 Bedroom Home

$ 1,795 per month
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Beautiful 4 pl XL 1 BDR Renovated (Near Dame...

$ 1,195 per month
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Home is Where the Heart is. $$$ OFF MOVE IN!

$ 1,500 per month
For More Information Call: (209) 952-5577
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For those who are in the Lodi area, they may notice that many homes are being put onto the market as rentals instead of being sold. This is a wise investment in today’s time as many people are looking to rent rather than purchase a home. A home is a huge investment and if you have property in the area, you could be sitting on a financial investment that pays you. Turning your home into a rental property is not as hard as people think, especially if you work with us.

 Working With Us 

We are a full service property management firm in the Lodi area and those who work with us have the peace of mind of knowing that their rental property is in good hands. We handle all things related to the rental home. From advertising this to the market to dealing with tenant issues that may arise. Our services are designed so that you do not have to be an active landlord, that requires tons of hours and hard work on your behalf. Instead, we do this for you!

Why Choose Us? 

Since we are in the Lodi area, we know what renters are seeking. In addition, we have the experience to know which tenant is the best option for you, thanks to our tenant screening services that are performed on those applicants who are interested in your property.

For those who simply do not have the time to devote to being a great landlord, or even for those who want to have a rental property yet are not sure of what work goes into this, we are the best option. We will ensure that your property is treated with respect and that we are treating this as the home it is. Just because you no longer live in this home is no reason that it still shouldn’t be treated as home!

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