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Have you always considered being a landlord? Perhaps you have a Modesto home that you are not using at the moment? The problem is that many people do not want to take on the responsibility that arises when you are a landlord of a piece of property. It can mean a lot of time and stress. That is why we are here to help.

How We Help? 

We are a full service property management firm that handles rentals in the Modesto area, as well as the other Stockton Branch areas. Our goal is to be the acting landlord on your behalf so that you do not have to invest your time in this investment. This can also mean less stress for you!

Our services are designed in a way that takes all the hard work away. For starters, we advertise the home to the market in order to attract renters who are looking to move into this area. Once people start to look at this home and show interest, we get the applicants and put them through our strict tenant screening services that looks not only at past rental history but also is comprised of a background check. This way, we are certain to get you someone living in your home who not only pays on time, but is trustworthy. After this process, we still manage the property. Which may mean collecting rent, arranging for maintenance or even home repairs.

Why Here?

Why is the Modesto area getting so much attention? People love the atmosphere that the area offers. For this reason people want to live here. However, as people are moving into new areas they are often renting rather than buying. That is why turning a property in this area into a rental will pay off in the long run, and when combined with our services, you cannot go wrong!

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