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Reno, NV

Reno sits at just over 4,400 feet, providing its residents and visitors with warm summers and cold winters. Due to where it sits geographically, there is around 300 days of sunlight per year, providing the people with ample time to enjoy themselves in the outdoors, enjoying activities like hiking and backpacking in the neighboring mountains. Before Reno became known for its casinos, night life, and activities under the sun, it was an old mining town in the early 1800s. Pioneers would travel here in hopes of finding business near the Truckee river, with wishes to make a fortune on the gold and silver boom. As time went on and the boom of precious metals ended, Reno transitioned to a new economy based on business and agriculture. It was in 1931 that gambling became legal in Nevada, and the city of Reno quickly became a hub for anyone looking to test their luck and win big.


Reno attracts most of its tourism from its gambling industry and thriving nightlife. There are many large-scale hotel casinos in the area, allowing guests to enjoy hours on end of Las Vegas style gaming. If that is not appealing to you or your family, then there is much more to do beyond these activities. Every year they host the Great Reno Balloon Race, which is the largest hot air ballooning evet in the country and is completely free to anyone who shows up. When looking to kick up the excitement, the Reno Air Races is a weekend long spectacle where the world’s fastest motorsport takes place, providing guests with multi-lap races, and exhilarating air demonstrations. When looking for something a bit quieter, the Riverwalk district is the perfect idea for a family getaway, where you can swim, picnic, or even go rafting. The cost of living in Reno is $370,000 which is only 7% higher than the national average. The homeownership rate is at 58.2%, implying that 41.2% of all residents are renting their property.


The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is $1,268

The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is $1,440

The median price for a home is $403,318

Reno, the biggest little city in America, is in the northwestern area of Nevada about 22 miles from Lake Tahoe. The great Sierra Nevada mountains shadow the area, giving it a picturesque landscape only one could dream of.


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