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Buri Buri

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San Bruno

3340 Longview Drive

$ 3,750 Per Month
32 1,380 ft2
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(DRE 02038963)

309 Lansdale Ave

$ 3,650 per month
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1515 Terra Nova Blvd.

$ 4,200 Per Month
43 1,700 ft2
Shown by Kelly
(DRE 02038963)
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At its inception in the early 1800s, Rancho Buri Buri was grazing land for cattle and agricultural space for crops. Through the centuries, the region has evolved into a residential wonderland filled with inviting greenspaces. Across the northern expanse of the neighborhood sits the beautifully landscaped California Golf Club of San Francisco, and the rest of the area features high-end residences and a small commercial plaza.

For assistance maximizing the performance of your rental properties across the 94080 region, contact the team at Utopia Property Management. We have more than 20 years of experience serving property owners across this region and beyond. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Rental Marketing Campaigns: Our experienced team of management professionals utilize high-tech and traditional marketing models to advertise your vacant rentals. We stage and show the properties to find exceptional tenants who pass our stringent application process. Our efforts help fill your vacancies within 30 days and keep tenant turnover rates as low as possible.

Quality Maintenance and Repairs: Utopia Property Management handles every aspect of the property maintenance and repair process. We dispatch our in-house team of skilled professionals using our general contractor’s license (Lic. #792427). Although we can handle the vast majority of tasks with our dedicated team, we will find specialized contractor services, as needed, for any extensive repair tasks.

Regular Financial Reports: You can keep a close eye on the performance of your investment properties by reviewing the monthly financial reports we post on our secure online portal. The statements detail the revenues and expenses associated with each property, so you can gauge their success on the local rental market. You will never have to wonder about the health of your real estate investment portfolio with our support.

You can achieve great returns on your 94080 residential and commercial investment properties with the personalized service packages offered by our team at Utopia Property Management.

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