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Lebec is a mountain community located along the Tejon Pass, which runs through the San Emigdio Mountains. The community adopted its name to honor a famous trapper who lost his tussle with a grizzly bear in the mid-1800s. The relatively rural area features more than 1,500 people spread across 500 individual households. With more than 15 square miles of space across the entire neighborhood, population density remains at a scant 96 people per square mile. The houses feature a colonial vibe, though each dwelling offers unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Southern California real estate industry, our team is ready to assist in your next property investment and management opportunity. We can help you manage your investments while minimizing stress and keeping operating costs to a minimum. Our service package includes:

Advertising Your Rental

Our marketing program focuses on utilizing modern and traditional advertising techniques to find the best tenants possible for your rentals. All of your available properties are listed on high traffic websites to net interest from all over the globe. Local events draw in tenants who are interested in renting right away. Our multi-faceted approach helps us reach our 30-day turnaround goals from listing to signing your rental.

Tenant Screening

To keep tenant turnover to a minimum, we perform comprehensive screening services on all of the interested applicants. Our verification and review process helps reveal problem areas that could contribute to lease defaults in the future. We look for tenants with a positive rental history and income levels that allow for full coverage of the monthly rent amount.

Management Consulting Services

Through our consultation program, we will share with you our extensive experience in the property management industry. We strive to help you learn how to stage, show, and rent out your properties without fail. We will reveal market trends and industry knowledge that can help you to set fair rent levels and lease terms for your rental units.

Maintenance and Repairs

When your properties require maintenance and repairs, you can assign the tasks to our team to avoid having to leave the comfort of your home when responding to tenant requests. We hold a general contractor’s license (Lic. #792427) that allow us to dispatch a team of repair professionals to your rental property to perform the required tasks. We complete the work at a lower cost than third parties to keep your operating costs to a minimum.

Bookkeeping Assistance

Our accounting team generates monthly reports to keep you updated on your property’s financial performance throughout the year. We send all of the reports through the Utopia web portal for review at your convenience.

Upon choosing to make your next real estate move in the 93243 region, contact Utopia Property Management for assistance with your property management needs. We can provide constant support in staging your rentals, finding suitable tenants, and maintaining your properties. Our team always strives to keep your investment properties netting great returns year after year. We invite you to contact us today to get started.

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