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185 Avocet Court

$ 2,500 per month
32 1,450 ft2
For More Information Call: (844) 553-3176
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For those who own a home in the Orcutt area, they are going to find that they have a wonderful opportunity right at their hands. There are many people who are looking to move into this area, yet they are not interested in buying a home. Instead, they are looking to rent a home. For homeowners, this can be a great way to make some income each month, while getting rid of a home since they want to move.

Don’t Go at This Alone

It is important for people to realize that they do not have to go at this rental home on their own. Being a landlord is not easy work. It can be stressful, and many people who try to do this on their own often find that they made a mistake. However, those who choose to get help, are happy with their decision to put their Orcutt home on the market as a rental. The goods news, we are here for you!

What We Do

We are a full-service property management firm in the Orcutt area that know this area and we call it home. Due to our years of experience, we know how to make a home perfect for the rental market, while also handling the tasks that landlords would handle. This means that you do not have to do anything after you have hired us to do this for you!

We start with advertising this home to the market. Once the applications start to roll in, we go through this to find the perfect tenant. We always want a tenant that is going to be on time with rent, honest and dependable…and that is what we find for the home. Once this home as been rented, we then handle the daily tasks that landlords do. With our help, you get the financial freedom of having a rental without the hard work.

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