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9133 Meadowrun Way

$ 3,000 Per Month
42 1,780 ft2
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9917 Fox Valley Lane

$ 4,395 Per Month
53 3,296 ft2
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13263 Russet Leaf Lane

$ 2,800 Per Month
42 1,482 ft2
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Property management in Santa Luz California is our specialty. So, if you are thinking property management in Santa Luz think Utopia Management. Our company is the most well known management company in property management Santa Luz. Besides being one of the largest and most well known, we are also very cost effective and efficient. Our company started back in 1994, when some of our friends asked us to manage their personal properties. Since that time Utopia has grown to be the premier management company in San Diego County. To find out more about our company feel free to contact us at any time. Our company’s goal is to have many successful relationships. Through these relationship we will improve the city that we live.

You should choose Utopia’s property management Santa Luz services because we will get the job done. Property management in Santa Luz California is difficult and needs an experienced hand. Utopia property management in Santa Luz is very cost effective, most owners would tell others to use our services. The service that we provide our owners many times actually saves them money. Our experience with dealing with tenants usually will result in a better outcome for our property owners. Some examples of this are security deposit refunds. Many owners tend to be too stingy in some areas and don’t charge for other items that wouldn’t be a problem to charge for. Another example of cost savings is the many different vendor discount that our company passes along to our clients.

Property management in Santa Luz California requires many services. Some services required for property management in Santa Luz are accounting, maintenance and management. Accounting services for property management Santa Luz include accounting reports; these reports are delivered monthly. The account reports reflect the activity of the prior month. The statements that are sent to our owners monthly have the financial statements, original invoices and the monthly owner draw check. All normal correspondence is sent with our owner statements. If the owners have any question regarding this document, they can contact us and ask questions. Our staff is usually available to answer the questions live on the phone when our owners call. If we are not available some of our owners will use email to ask their questions. Since many of our owners are overseas, email seems to be one of the better ways to ask questions.

To be your property management Santa Luz representative, Our Company requires you to sign a property management in Santa Luz California contract. You also need to provide us specific information regarding your needs for property management in Santa Luz. Condo owners need to provide the information of their HOA Company that currently manages the property. Other requirements are having a landlord property insurance policy that names our company additionally insured. The requirements outline here will be given to any prospective client in our initial on property meeting. This meeting will help owners understand the scope of our service and what they can expect from Utopia. Items discussed at the property are usually what need to be done to the property prior to rental, future goals and an estimate of market value. We determine market value by checking the comps in the area and add or subtract value based upon the specifics of the property.

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