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Tips for Increasing Renewals at Your Simi Valley Rentals

By Utopia Property Management

December through February is typically the time of year when many owners start planning on renewals at their Simi Valley Rentals.

Although some owners may have worked hard all year long with offering their tenants excellent service and support, the reality is that they may have some tenants who may be planning on moving elsewhere when their leases come up for renewal.

Thankfully, every owner can increase renewals at their Simi Valley Rentals by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t Raise the Rent Unless It’s Warranted

As an owner, you are within your right to raise the rent on your real estate, but you shouldn’t increase the rent on your tenant unless it’s for a very good reason like you recently made improvements to your rental or want to raise the rent so that you can get the fair market rent for your rental property.

Tip #2 – Keep Promises That You’ve Made to Your Tenants 

Another great way to increase renewals at your Simi Valley Rentals is to keep the promises that you’ve made to your tenants. This tip is important because keeping your promises will show your tenants that you care about their needs and can be counted on to offer them continued excellent service especially when it comes to fixing or resolving issues at your rental property.

Tip #3 – Deal with Excessive Noise Problems NOW

Most tenants do not tolerate excessive noise at all, so if you have one or more tenants at your Simi Valley Rentals who have been complaining about the excessive noise, it’s best to deal with those complaints when they arise or else you could lose those tenants.

Tip #4 – Follow the Law When It Comes to Entering the Rental Property 

Yes, you may have to enter your Simi Valley Rental Property for maintenance or other issues during the year, but you should always follow the law and provide your tenants with a 24-hour notice to enter the property just, so everything is done by the law.

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