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Pros and Cons of Investing in a Vacation Ren...

Nov 20, 2023
Vacation rentals have grown in popularity greatly over the past decade, and with good reason. Vacation rentals allo ...
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Calculating Property Finance

A Guide to Financing Your Next Investment Pr...

Nov 10, 2023
There are many perks beyond additional income when it comes to owning investment properties. Whether you are buying ...
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How AI and Machine Learning are Revolutioniz...

Oct 30, 2023
The commercial real estate game, once known for its (frankly) sluggish ways, is in the midst of a mind-blowing tran ...
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living in las vegas


Sep 28, 2023
Only in 2022, 38.7 million visitors traveled to enjoy the varied attractions of the often called “Sin City”. With i ...
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A Look at the Las Vegas Housing Market

Jun 12, 2023
In major cities across the United States, housing markets seem to be cooling off. This initially sounds like good n ...
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Protect Yourself Against Real Estate Fraud

May 29, 2023
For property owners, real estate fraud is a very real risk. Unfortunately, there are many ways that fraud can occur ...
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Post-Pandemic, Orange County’s Housing...

Nov 03, 2022
In the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a buying flurry in the housing market nationwide, and Orange Co ...
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Don’t Write Off the West Coast Housing...

Sep 23, 2022
In the last few years, many investors are starting to shy away from the West Coast region in favor of areas with mo ...
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Financing Benefits of Section 8 Housing

Aug 19, 2022
Property investments are one of the best ways to acquire passive income and achieve long-term economic stability. H ...
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Long-Term Real Estate Looks Promising in Las...

May 03, 2022
Internationally renowned as a resort city, Las Vegas is well known for its nightlife, casinos, shopping, and fine d ...
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