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Got A Hoarder At Your Ventura Rental Property? Here’s How To Deal With Them

In the last 10 years, it’s become more common to encounter hoarders in all areas of life, especially at rental properties.

For a landlord, dealing with a hoarder can become a problem. If you don’t follow the laws you can easily put yourself in more trouble than you imagined.

Thankfully, as a top rental finding company in Ventura CA, we can offer you a list of tips for dealing with hoarders at your rental property.

You Have to Document Everything

During the process of communicating with a hoarder, you have to document everything using pictures, videos, and notes. This is a vital step because you want to have as much evidence as possible to prove the condition of the rental property before you started dealing with the hoarder.

Offer to Help Them as Much as Possible

If you value your tenant and want to do everything within the law to help them you should take the time to offer them as much as possible including offering them counseling and it’s also a smart idea to offer to send someone over to the rental property to assist them with cleaning it up.

Did They Take Action? If Not, It’s Time to Give Them Notice

Let’s say that you followed the first two steps above and found that your tenant still hasn’t taken any steps to resolve the hoarding, in this case, you are within your rights as a landlord to give them notice because they’ve not tried to fix the problem and could cause damage to your rental.

Don’t Forget, Hoarding Is Classified as A Mental Disorder

Although some people might say that hoarders are just being “messy”, the reality is that someone who is classified as a hoarder is classified as having a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association so this also means that they are a protected class under the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Dealing with a hoarder isn’t going to be easy for any landlord but the truth is that any person that is compulsively hoarding meets the definition of having a disability and is legally considered to have a mental impairment.

This can be a “sticky situation” for sure if you have questions about how to deal with a hoarder at your rental property you should contact an attorney first before moving forward.

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