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How to Get More People to Say Yes When Raising Money for Investing in Your First Rental Property?

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Posted by Pete Evering on May 30, 2019
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How to Get More People to Say Yes When Raising Money for Investing in Your First Rental Property?

Are you planning on investing in a rental property? If so, like most new investors, you probably are looking for ways to raise money for your first deal. This is to be expected because, unless you finance the property yourself, you’re going to have to raise the money somewhere. 

Sadly, many investors make common mistakes when raising money to invest in their first rental properties. Thankfully, you can move past your competitors by learning how to raise money correctly when you follow the strategy in this article. 

Don’t Be Too Direct with Investors 

One important thing to remember when talking with potential investors about investing money in a rental property with you is that you do not want to be too direct with them from the very beginning because you may turn them off and make them less inclined to want to invest in a property with you.  

Instead of asking an investor right away if they are interested in investing in a potential rental property with you, you should ask the investor if they would be interested in talking with you further about a potential deal then schedule a time to call them back at their convenience to discuss it further. 

Going with this approach will help the investor to schedule a time to speak with you at “their convenience” and when you call them back you will eliminate any possibility that they will be involved in other things which could distract them during your conversation. 

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