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Lead Paint Disclosure – What Should Landlords Do When Marketing Apartments for Rent? 

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Posted by Pete Evering on June 7, 2019
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Lead Paint Disclosure – What Should Landlords Do When Marketing Apartments for Rent? 

Do you on older apartments for rent? If those apartments were built before 1978, they most likely will have been painted with paint that contained lead and it’s your responsibility as an owner to inform your tenants about the lead paint via a lead paint disclosure. 

What Is A Lead Paint Disclosure? 

A lead paint disclosure is a notice that you will be submitting to your tenants that the paint which was originally used in the rental property may have contained lead when the property was first built. 

Although the lead paint may have been long ago covered up with other layers of paint, it’s still possible that the paint can be toxic to people if it’s peeled off the wall or shavings from the lead paint make their way into the air. 

When you submit a lead paint disclosure to your tenants you will also submit to them an EPA-approved brochure which will provide them with information about how to properly live in a home that potentially has lead paint. 

You will also need to provide your tenants with any records or reports about tests for lead paint which have been done at your property in the past and you will need to provide them with a disclosure form that both you and your tenant will need to sign as well. 

The lead paint disclosure is a Federal Law that all landlords must comply with when they own rental properties.  

Failure to comply with submitting a lead paint disclosure to your tenants may result in fines and the exposure to lead paint is potentially hazardous to your tenant’s health. 

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