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When Can a Resident Legally Break a Lease? 

One of the top rental services questions online is about “when can a resident legally break their lease?”.  

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with things that you need to know regarding when your tenants can legally cancel their leases. 

#1 – Condition of The Rental property 

The first way a resident can legally break their lease is when the condition of the rental property is not in habitable condition. 

To be considered in habitable condition, a rental property must have running water, be weatherized, have a heat source and be secure. If the rental property doesn’t meet any of these criteria, then a tenant can in most cases legally break their lease, especially if their Peninsula Property Management company doesn’t fix any of the problems with their rental property. 

#2 – Landlord Is Harassing the Tenant 

If the landlord is entering the rental property without providing the tenant with a 24-hour notice to enter, or harassing the tenant in other ways, the tenant can legally break their lease. 

#3 – Active Duty Military 

Another way a tenant can break their lease is if they are active duty military. The Service Members Civil Relief Act makes it possible for members of the military to break their leases especially if they find out that they are being stationed in another location. 

#4 – Domestic Violence Victim 

Last, of all, another way a tenant can break their lease is if they are a victim of domestic violence. The act of violence must have occurred within the last 3 to 6 months and be documented in some way via an order of protection or police report in order for the tenant to break their lease. 

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