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Could Shipping Containers Be A Solution to The Housing Crisis in California? 

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Posted by Pete Evering on July 19, 2019
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Could Shipping Containers Be A Solution to The Housing Crisis in California? 

If you’re searching for a condo for rent in California you know that rents are high in areas like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Northern California. Thankfully, many people are working hard to try and solve the housing crisis in the Golden State before it slides further out of control. 

One solution that’s been successfully used to create housing in other locations around the world are shipping containers. 

Why Shipping Containers? 

Shipping containers are being used to create housing around the world because they are an easy to use solution for creating a home since many people use the shipping container as the “shell” of the house before building onto it. 

For example, in the town of Fort Worth Texas, a 34-unit apartment complex is being built using 76 shipping containers.  

Once finished, the shipping container apartment complex is expected to provide renters in the area with more rental options. What’s best of all is that rents for these new apartments are predicted to be low because the apartment complex will not be as costly to build as traditional apartment buildings. 

Could It Happen in California? 

Right now, shipping container homes are being offered privately in California so they are available but, for them to be offered on a widespread scale it’s going to take the cities coming together with the state to ease building restrictions to get shipping container homes built like what’s being constructed in Fort Worth. 

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