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Showing Property During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing in the United States, it has become vital to adopt safe and cautious practices when interacting with potential renters. Although most interaction can be done virtually, it is still necessary to allow applicants to tour the property. Luckily, with these thorough precautions, you can show your rental properties safely. Not only will this protect you and your employees, but you can show tenants that you care about their safety as well.

Utilize virtual showing software: There is a variety of software available that allow you to create a 3D model of the property. This allows applicants to tour the property virtually. For some applicants this will be a sufficient property showing and no in-person meeting will be required. However, it is common that potential tenants will want to see the property in person. Try the following methods for allowing applicants to physically tour the property.

Adopt solo property tours using a video chat software: Consider utilizing a video chat program such as FaceTime to allow applicants to tour the property on their own. This allows you or a showing agent to describe the property and walk them through the tour without risking any face to face contact. Have a representative or security guard wait outside the property to unlock the door for tenants and keep an eye on the property.

Require social distancing training for property showing agents: Ensure that the agents showing your property are fully informed about social distancing guidelines. Have them undergo a brief training to get accustomed to distancing from clients in a friendly manner. They will be able to better recognize a 6-foot distance and be able to maintain that distance with ease. This will keep the showing running smoothly while protecting agents and guests.

Provide complimentary masks: If you carry out an in person showing, ensure the showing agent has a mask, offer complimentary masks to guests, and require that masks be worn inside the property at all times. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce potential spread during a face to face property showing.

Provide complimentary sanitizing products: When guests arrive at the property, offer them free bottles of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. This ensures that everyone entering the property is clean to reduce potential spread via contact or shared surfaces like doorknobs.

Ventilate shared spaces: Air ventilation is a major component to potential coronavirus spread. Open the windows and doors in the property and run the air conditioning when guests visit to ensure proper air circulation.

Distribute a social distancing pamphlet: Prior to face to face property showings, distribute a pamphlet detailing the precautions you will be taking. This includes social distancing requirements, free safety products that will be offered, or any other distancing measures you will be taking. This ensures that guests are aware of the process and agree to the safety precautions.

Space out showings: If you are planning multiple showings on the same property, schedule them at least 8 hours apart. During that time, ventilate the property and have it sanitized. This reduces the build-up of germs inside the property and ensures that each guest is entering a clean space.

Ask Utopia management what our COVID safety plan is for showing properties.

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